POLDER & DIKE handbag care


To enjoy your Polder & Dike purchase to the fullest is maintaining the leather or suede very important.

Leather and suede are 100% natural materials and therefore they have specific features. It feels sometimes cool or warm to the touch, has a breathable effect and a luxurious appearance. For that reason, we are happy to provide you with the following tips and tricks.



Leather in general is easy to maintain. Before wearing your bag, the leather needs to be sprayed with a special leather protecting spray (available in your local shoe-store).

Suede might rub of in the beginning, but that will wear down after some time. You could speed up the process by brushing the material with a special suede brush.



If you get stains on your leather items, you could try the following:

- Rub leather on leather. Take a part of the same item or a piece of the same leather and gently rub it over the stain(s).

- If a product is made out of suede, always use a special suede brush. Brush gently.

- Greasy edges or lighter spots on suede can be treated with a suede eraser.

- White leather is easily soiled, but it can be treated with baby shampoo. Put a bit of the shampoo on a clean white cloth and rub gently over the stain(s)

In case of professional cleaning, always look for a certified leather dry-cleaner.



Its not advisable to carry leather bags in the rain. If the material does get wet because of rain, try and let the bag dry at room temperatures. Never ever put the bag in front of or on top of a heater or in the sun. 

- In case of an item made of suede, brush over stains or use the eraser, once the suede is really 100% dry.

- In case of leather use some colorless shoe polish or leather cream..

In case of too much exposure to sunlight and or UV radiation, the colors of the material might change. Never leave leather products in the sun (like on the backseat of your car on a sunny day).




Never use a plastic bag, as leather is a 100% natural material and needs to breath. Fill your Polder & Dike bag with old (news)paper(s) so it will keep its shape.