Since the 1900’s, bags (incl. apparel and wool) have been handcrafted by our skilled ancestors,

using the world’s highest quality materials. 

 They dedicated their lives creating and producing the finest garments and bags,

so that each product could be used with confidence and pride. 


Our ancestors originally made wool, textiles and garments, leather bags, balls, wallets and purses.

It was one of our parents who steered Polder & Dike into a re-start of natural leather bags manufacturing. 


We’re a multidisciplinair creative team, specialized in fashionable accessories.

Our work is rooted in a strong creative & productive background.

Sometimes we collaborate with other craftsmen in North America and Europe. 

Since decades, textiles, garments and leather accessories have been made by our ancestors. 

Much has changed since Polder & Dike was first conceived by our ancestors in the late '20s. 

Our family started presenting and selling textiles, garments and accessories at the early 1950s.

From a really age we’re brought up on textiles, leather accessories, fashion & shows, art, wholesale and retail.

Timeless style meets modern performance !

Our exiting range has been designed for trendy stylish individuals. With a great quality , fit and design being the hallmarks of the Polder & Dike bags. We're confident  that your search for the perfect genuine leather bag is over.

Garments and accessories have been handcrafted by our well skilled and motivated ancestors, using the highest quality materials.

Our ancestors worked hard and found clients who supported them to explore new ways of doing international business.

Polder & Dike is applying many of the same principles that have guided our ancestors past ; quality and integrity. 

We continue to put classic craftsmanship into every bag, using techniques developed over the past 80+ years. And keeping the footprint in mind. Like you !

Polder & Dike leather bags are individually cut, stamped, stitched, laced and embroidered, witch gives each one its unique identity and feel.

Respecting family tradition and commitment to our colleagues, partners, suppliers, customers that is what we love to do.