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The Easy-Every-Day Bag

The Vondel Bag is made from Top-Grain leather . Top-Grain leather includes the outer layer of the hide, known as the grain, which features finer, more densely packed fibers, resulting in strength and durability. Depending on thickness, it may also contain some of the more fibrous under layer, known as the corium. 

Around 1864 a group of citizens led by C.P. van Eeghen decided to create a park for riding and strolling. The first part of the New Park, as it was originally called, was completed and opened to the public later that same year. The statue of the 17th-century poet and playwright Joost van den Vondel was erected in the park two years later. This was how this beautiful park eventually came to be known as the Vondelpark. 

This world-wide famous park was designed in the English landscape garden style, which endeavors to give the visitor the impression that they are strolling through the perfect natural landscape. As such, this park is an oasis of tranquillity and inspiration at the heart of  vibrant Amsterdam. The perfect place to create new bag-designs. In 1996 the Vondelpark was designated a National Monument.

In 1999 The Dutch District Council started to work on major renovation of the park. The increasing numbers of visitors and water management problems meant that extensive work was sorely needed. After ten years of renovation, this beautiful green heart of Amsterdam is now as glorious as ever. 

The Vondelpark is the most visited park in de The Netherlands. (more the 12 million per year) Did you know that nine out of every ten people who live in Amsterdam visit this lovely park at least once a year. Problably you will spot our Vondelbag during the weekdays and weekends. Everyone who visits the park enjoys the many pleasures of the park : the peace and quiet, the art, the nature, the great setting in which you can stroll, relax, work, chill, sport, work-outs, sunbathe and make music or just reading a book.

Normally everyone usually manages to find a spot without too much trouble. Resuming : enjoy the Vondelpark to the full, but respect and take care of it. Like the Vondelbag !